"I'm gonna throw an idea/framework out for discussion: the name 'Homnibus' was one I came up with a while ago and I still really like it as "hom-" (i.e. same, but also referring to homo sapien) and 'omnibus'. I think this could be an interesting starting point for an ongoing series looking at archetypes in their broadest sense (not just the psychological connotation): "a universally understood symbol, term, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated". It seems to me that there could be a lot to mine and be flexible enough for us to draw in and frame interesting stuff that people are already doing in a lot of art forms.

[Homnibus is also the name of a Smurfs character, so not too overwrought! http://wiki.bluebuddies.com/Homnibus]"

Homnibus is the Collect's research and event strand. Read/see/hear more here: http://homnibus.tumblr.com/