A performance in 48 turns

part of Rogue Game Symposium
happened on Saturday 29 September, 12pm till late -> performance around 6pm

This new work revels in the delerious moment of chance in which nothing and everything is possible. It uses aleatoric compositional and performance methods to recall the liminal space between ludic and real worlds, disorientating and breaking open the new.

Artists' Games Night
happened on Thursday 20 September

Inspired by Spike Island's exhibition Rogue Game, we gathered together a whole bunch of games by and inspired by artists - card games, board games, dice games, chess games, puzzle games, hard games, easy games, experiments, follies and adventures.

Entry was free, and drinks and pizza were available from Spike Cafe.

Set Sail for the Levant :: Olivia Plender

FluxOff :: Michelle Lewis-King
Metagame :: Local No. 12
Proteus :: Ed Key and David Kanaga
Timeboard / Timecube / Labyrinths :: Elisa Juncosa Umaran
Proposal :: Sam Ingleson
Nomic :: Peter Suber
Kolejka (Queue) :: Karol Madaj
Table tennis after George Maciunas
Chess after Yoko Ono
The Artist Is Present :: Pippin Barr
Loop Raccord :: Nicolai Troshinsky
Exquisite Corpse and other Surrealist games

Both at Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX


Set Sail for the Levant (2007)
Olivia Plender: Set Sail for the Levant (2007)